Functional, fashionable and always stylish

We are glad we live in Durban during Winter! Here on the East Coast, it may rain all Summer long but our Winters are relatively dry. Other parts of South Africa are cold AND wet. The one thing we can all be grateful for is that we have stylish rain-ready footwear to keep us trendy while keeping us dry!

Gumboots have come a long way from their roots, and today have genuinely evolved into an essential wardrobe item for reasons of both function and fashion. The idea for our ladies gumboot range stemmed from a need for affordable, fashionable yet functional boots. It took us almost two years from conception to delivery and what a trip it has been. We are so happy with the final product and cannot wait for you to try them on, feel how comfortable they are and get as much walking pleasure out of them as we do.
Stylish rain boots, galoshes, wellingtons, gumboots - or whatever you want to call them - are an absolute must in any wardrobe! 
Silver Lining Gumboots


To change the way gumboots are perceived. Eradicate all gross gumboots from any wardrobe.


To create a brand that is classy and a design that is classic and comfortable.
You can’t stop the rain from falling but you can be prepared. So pull on a pair of stylish gumboots, have some fun and jump in the puddles.


Authentic, Trustworthy, Fun-Loving, Loyalty, Optimism, Kindness, Happiness, Reliable