Style Those Gumboots - Outfit Ideas

Be it summer, winter, festivals, camping, fishing, gardening or just because you want to put out your best chic vibe, there are endless ways to wear your gumboots.

Gumboots have become increasingly popular over the years – a sought after fashion accessory that effortlessly fuses style with practicality.

When it comes to looks that last, here are a few of our favourites:

Festival Flair Gumboots

It’s festival season and gumboots are to festivals like… G is to T, and like T is to, well, G.

With the likes of Splashy Fen (Easter weekend) and AfrikaBurn (end of April) back on the calendar, our favourite festival look has got to be that loose, flowy dress paired with chelsea gumboots. Add a cropped denim jacket for cooler weather and flower crown, optional.

Festival Gumboots

Bushveld Babe Gumboots

Pairing your mid-calf gumboots or tall gumboots with longs not only looks uber trendy, but is the perfect attire for connecting your soft heart with our wild African spaces. Best pulled off with skinny jeans, breath-taking sunrises or sundowners and the mesmerising sounds of nature.

*Tip: Gumboots tucked into your jeans or leggings is a simple way to elongate your legs (it will keep your hems dry and keep pesky ticks off your legs. Win!)

Bushveld Safari Gumboots

Stylish Staple Gumboots

High-waisted trousers, tucked in blouse, and gumboots is a practical, yet fashionable outfit during seasonal changes.

Pull off that chic vibe with linen shorts and a fringe-hemmed kimono. On-trend prints are sure to add a modern contrast to your beloved tall gumboots, switch to jeans and oversized jerseys when the days get colder.

Stylish Ladies Gumboots

Wind Down Wellies

If it’s just too ‘peopley’ out there…then gardening, walking your fur baby, or simply a solo walk is done most comfortably in any style of gumboots - chelsea gumboots, mid-calf gumboots or tall gumboots

Gardening gumboots