Splashing into the Festival Scene: Our Launch at Splashy Fen 2019

Silver Lining Gumboots burst into the scene at Splashy Fen 2019, splashing stylishly through muddy puddles and determined to rid the world of gross gumboots.

What better place to launch our gumboots than SA’s Friendliest Festival! We welcomed our very first customers into our tent - including ECR’s Kerri Miller (who became an instant advocate) - and were so excited to keep festival-goers’ feet dry, warm, and oh so chic as they rocked out to their favourite musicians.

It’s been quite a journey seeing our vision for stylish and practical gumboots come to life. It’s been almost two years from conception to delivery, and seeing the final product on display was humbling and exhilarating! It started with a dream of fashion and functionality - a pair of gumboots that could walk straight from the mountains into a mall without missing a beat.

With a slim fit and genuine leather labels, our gumboots feature a variety of leather trims, including buckles and braids to make this wardrobe staple into a must-have fashion accessory. Made of 100% recycled PVC, our locally-made gumboots are proudly South African, and include arched insoles for complete comfort.

Whatever you want to call them - rain boots, galoshes, wellingtons, or gumboots - Silver Lining Gumboots are perfect for strolling into your favourite restaurant or trekking through a muddy sports field. Next time it starts raining and pouring, make sure you’re prepared to stride out in your stylish footwear, confident in the knowledge that your feet will stay dry, comfy, and warm all day (and look great to boot). Browse through our range.